About Us

We transform your business into bigger and better

Your need of maintaining presence and sharing quality content to be seen and heard in the increasingly, wholly digital world is undisputed. We, at Ogilvy Martech, do all that you require and more, to scale your business upwards and onwards in the direction you desire.

We offer time-essential web solutions including, but not limited to, web design, development and maintenance, and web application development.

We also curate your content by scaling CMS/SEO/SEM/Digital Marketing so that your business is visible among thousands of competitors active across the web.

We are well-versed in anticipating the digital future. With us, you can create Andriod/iOS Mobile Applications, AR/VR developments and innovative content that will significantly boost your business development efforts.

Our Services

SEO/SEM/Digital Marketing

Ever wanted to get your site ranked in top positions on leading search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo in a cost-effective manner? Now it is possible to get it done through SEO services in Sri Lanka. We provide tailored cost-effective SEO services to our clients that match their dynamic requirements in an effective and affordable manner.

CMS Development

When your web content needs to be dynamically updated, we provide the best CMS developments that you can efficiently do the content updating process. Ogilvy Martech provides you the best CMS experience that you can ever have.

Mobile Application

Ogilvy Martech is your trusted partner who can provide the technical expertise necessary for your Android/iOS app development project. Our creative team of experts builds innovative user interfaces by leveraging the latest technology to give you an edge over your competitors. We collaborate with businesses of all scales to build comprehensive app solutions that drive the digital enterprise to generate revenues and new avenues in the market.

Web Application

We prioritize your complex design needs and create bespoke Web Applications that promises functionality and efficiency which will ensure the maximum success in your business. Ogilvy Martech brings on the next generation of innovative technology to transform the way your company connects, communicate, and collaborate. Not only do we create user-friendly Web Applications, but we also put forward your original ideas into tangible solutions.

Web Design & Development

We specialize in a comprehensive range of Web Design & Development services. Our options are dynamic and creative. Visual aesthetics and functional facets are of huge importance to us when designing a site. If you are looking for a dedicated developer and designer, come to us. At Ogilvy Martech we strive for excellence by maximizing our value for customers through innovation, security, and satisfaction.

AR/VR Development

Ever wanted to expand your boundaries that you experience in 2D enlivenment? We provide you the latest technological developments in a 3-dimensional environment using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality development-based solutions.