What is the client's brief?

To establish and enhance their visibility

As one of the best-performing marketing institutes in Sri Lanka, APIDM wished to establish their presence and visibility among the target audience – of potential recruits to the institute. Further, that presence required to be maintained long-term, in order to have successful student on-boarding continuously.

Our approach based on our understanding was

To build a platform for communication and engagement with the target audience

The need was to establish a presence and to sustain it, and to fulfill this need, we needed to understand the exact requirements of the target audience of APIDM.

Unlike the full-time student base in most educational institutes that have established presence online, APIDM, we identified, has a largely part-time student base, who also come with professional experience. The needs of the present APIDM students, as well as the potential students, were to further themselves in their careers and to gain professional qualifications in their field of expertise.

Therefore, we proposed a communication-based online presence to the client. The idea was that the students, present ones as well as potential ones, are already goal-oriented, and the APIDM website, as an online extension of the institute should be able to entice the students to communicate, engage, and derive a satisfying solution to their need.

Our solution based on client input was

To develop a website that caters to and fulfills the unique requirements of the potential APIDM students

We developed the APIDM website in such a way that the new design and layout would set the cornerstone for the experience a potential student will have at APIDM. Professional and uncluttered look and feel evoked by the key design elements and navigation structure were expected to portray the identity of APIDM at a glance.

We focused the content approach of the website on insightful content that is presented and placed in a clear and well-organized manner, so as to attract as well as retain the site visitor. Our identified target audience was the professional in the Digital Marketing field, and the content was curated to spike their interest, first, in APIDM-related content, and then in APIDM itself.

Our goal was to create a well-curated professional environment that answers to the unique needs and interests of the APIDM target audience. A marker of the achievement of our goal, the seamless connection between the site visitors and the institute is sustained from the time the website went live up to now.

We are successful because

The engagement between the target group and APIDM increased, and because apidm.lk website was awarded for its performance!

APIDM website is effective because it is receiving continuously receiving unique engagements and interactions daily. (Information about site traffic increase/unique visitors/ returning visitors/ number of registrations after the site went live)

In recognition of the performance apidm.lk won the Bronze Award for the Best University and Education Institute Website category in the ‘bestweb.lk’ Awards Ceremony in 2020.