What is the client's brief?

As a well-known medical and health facilitator in Sri Lanka, MyDoctor needs to increase and expand their target audience awareness for the MyDoctor app, in order to further establish their customer base.

What is our approach?

In order to increase the target audience aware of the MyDoctor app, we have identified that we need to impressively enhance and represent all the available facilities that the MyDoctor app provides for their registered app users in the online platform. When the target audience wanting the particular services that they can experience via the MyDoctor app, the suggested online platform work as a communication portal, which provides all the necessary information that site visitors can go through and analyze in order to find the suggested solutions in MyDoctor app.

What is the Solution?

As the solution to establish this online platform, we have come up with a desktop & mobile-based website with a new design and layout which can set up the communication portal for the target audience. The color palette and the design elements of the website are tremendously influenced by the brand identity and key (User Experience) UX concepts which provide an authenticate and pleasant approach for the site visitors. Within this approach, the MyDoctor website provides all the required details that the target audience needs to get to know about the MyDoctor app.

Our Success story

The successful representation of the MyDoctor website was highly contemplate with the towering user engagement that the site is experiencing. With this successful approach, mydoctor.lk has won the award for the most popular website in the Health & Wellness Website category in the bestweb.lk awards ceremony in 2020.