Enterprise SEO: Tips to Unlock the Potential of Your Business in 2023

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Enterprise SEO, also known as SEO for Enterprises, is a crucial aspect of digital marketing for large corporations. In fact, did you know that SEO drives 1000% higher traffic than social media? That's why, irrespective of the size of your company, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) increases on the daily.

However, many enterprises and marketers fail to realize the benefits of SEO services for Enterprises or how to implement it effectively.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Enterprise SEO, how it differs from traditional marketing, why it’s important, and share some tips to help you get started.

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Table of contents:

  1. What is Enterprise SEO
  2. How is Enterprise SEO different from traditional marketing?
  3. What distinguishes enterprise SEO from SMB SEO?
  4. What are the benefits of Enterprise SEO?
  5. What are the Enterprise SEO services?
  6. What are some effective Enterprise SEO tips?
  7. Final Thoughts

Let’s get started!

What is Enterprise SEO?

First of all, Enterprise SEO is the process of improving an enterprise's organic presence and revenue (usually defined by the number of pages on the site, not necessarily the number of employees). So this includes large-scale companies with many websites such as Fortune 500 companies, franchise businesses, e-commerce sites with 10k+ pages.

Further, SEO for large companies is about optimizing the website for keywords or phrases of the target audience to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). For example, if you run a fitness equipment e-commerce site, you should focus on the audience who are into health, fitness and gym freaks who are into working out at home.

Hence, it requires a strategy that includes technical SEO, off-page optimization, and both on- and off-page optimization.

How is Enterprise SEO different from traditional marketing?

When considering Enterprise SEO, it is more targeted and data-driven than traditional marketing, which prioritizes widespread advertising.

For example, in order to optimize content for search engines, SEO experts make use of keywords and phrases which aligns with the intent of their target audience. Depending on the intent could be informational, commercial or transactional

So, Analytics and other digital platforms are often used to monitor and assess the effectiveness of an Enterprise SEO campaign. Furthermore, rather than being a one-time effort, enterprise SEO is a long-term plan that calls for constant monitoring and optimization.

What distinguishes Enterprise SEO from B2C SEO?

In terms of the differences between Enterprise SEO and small business/mid-market or B2C SEO, one key element can be highlighted.

For Enterprise SEO, the strategies must be scalable since there are thousands of web pages. On the contrary, a small firm or mid-market company may only have a few pages or a few hundred. Therefore, we believe the tactics that are effective for smaller sites might not always be effective for larger ones.

What are the benefits of Enterprise SEO?

An enterprise SEO strategy is significant for several reasons. If you’re at a point thinking about whether to invest on SEO for your enterprise, you might as well learn about the major benefits or results of SEO.

Skyrocket online visibility

Firstly, effective business or Enterprise SEO strategy can boost website performance which can result in greater visibility and higher visitors. So, your website on higher search ranks, means you generate more visitors or traffic to your website

Elevate brand recognition with Enterprise SEO

  • Secondly, by focusing on the right keywords, enterprise SEO can help organizations stay one step ahead of their rivals and raise brand recognition. For example, generating more traffic can help you analyze in depth about your brand, your audience and the market.

Attract the right audience

  • Another great advantage of an enterprise SEO strategy is that when you utilize and optimize the website for the right keywords, you can bring in all your target audience into it. This means, you acquire your target audience with a clear intent and who were in search of services or products of your brand.

Audience Insight

  • Further, by the keywords that users enter search engines, you can derive information about their concerns, problems, and product goals. How many searches are related to a particular theme might indicate how important or unimportant a given issue is to your audience. One of the biggest digital channels is search, thus using it as a sample size to estimate your market size is suitable.

Product Marketing

  • SEO can also assist you in product marketing by examining what Google believes users want to see when they express particular pain points or objectives.

Consumer Behavior Insights

  • By giving businesses insights into consumer behavior, SEO may help them better understand what online users are looking for and how to improve their digital offers.

Personalized Customer Experience

  • Furthermore, businesses may give their customers experiences that are more focused and individualized owing to the personalization that SEO facilitates.

What are the types of Enterprise SEO services?

Considering hiring an SEO company for your Enterprise requirements? Before hiring, get to know about the services you want to hire them for.

An enterprise SEO service company can help provide a range of services that are customized to your goals.

These services include:

  • Removing or minimizing Google penalty
  • Designing a new website's SEO
  • Updating current content while focusing on keywords and Improving conversion rates
  • Research on keywords and link building

They might also provide complementary but different services, including helping you with Google Tag Manager or improving the way you design websites. Instead of trying to distribute these responsibilities throughout your firm or creating a completely new department, it can be much more effective to have a dedicated agency handle all of these facets.

A martech development company or SEO marketing firm will not only have years of experience, but they will also be totally focused on the SEO strategy.


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Let us help you grow and scale your Enterprise SEO services.

What are some effective Enterprise SEO tips?

To be honest, determinig the best Enterprise SEO strategy can be overwhelming.

To get you started, consider the following tips:

1. In-depth Keyword Research

To find the most pertinent and popular terms for your business, conduct an in-depth keyword study. The focus should be on increasing the domain authority because high domain authority = Higher rank in Google SERPs. Hence, there is a strong correlations between higher ranks and a site's overall link authority (as determined by Ahrefs Domain Rating).

When conducting an in-depth keyword research for Enterprises, it is best to focus on the industry of the target audience and their intent.


2. Content Strategy

Create a content strategy that focuses on creating useful, high-quality material that targets your chosen keywords. High "Content Grade" content ranks higher than the ones with no in-depth content. Further, make sure your content meets E. E. A. T criterias. That is, content reflects Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthyness. And make sure your Enterprise website on-page components like titles, meta descriptions, and header tags are optimized for search engines.


3. Identify Backlink opportunities

According to a Backlinko research,  the #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than the websites ranking below the first page. That's why, it is critical to focus on leveling up the page domain authority as well as backlinks. The more backlinks you acquire, the higher your website ranks on the Google SERP.

Here's what you can do :

Implement the Skyscraper Technique introduced by Backlinko, guest posting, removing toxic backlinks, asking linkcreators who have not linked to your content to link back are few strategies to earn backlinks.


4. Monitor performance and optimize regularly

Use analytics tools to track the effectiveness of your Business SEO plan and keep an eye on your website's performance and find areas for improvement. To make sure that your plan continues to work overtime, keep up with SEO trends and algorithm changes.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, enterprise SEO is an essential tool for companies trying to enhance their online presence and remain ahead of the competition.

With the tips given, you can begin optimizing your website and unleashing your company's full potential. You'll need a committed, knowledgeable team of professionals if you want to maintain hundreds of pages worth of fresh content while preserving your current domain authority and backlinks.

As a result, hiring an enterprise SEO company onboard is an effective way to prioritize planning how to improve the content, implementing comarketing, obtaining and safeguarding backlinks, and more. It gets more difficult and complex to maintain your SEO as your site grows in page count.

If you need to outsource your Enterprise SEO services, get in touch with us!

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