Top B2B Marketing Statistics For 2023

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Do you know the most effective strategies of SEO for B2B marketing in 2022?

Want to learn about user behaviour, B2B marketing trends, and strategies to pivot your organic traffic?

If you’re a B2B marketer or an SEO expert, these B2B marketing statistics will help you reach your goals.

We’ve compiled the most relevant and helpful statistics to gain optimal results for your B2B company with SEO.

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What B2B Marketers say about SEO

  1. 57% of marketers state SEO will produce more leads than any other marketing strategy. (Junto)
  2. For 61%, implementing effective SEO strategies to raise organic traffic is the top priority for inbound marketing. (HubSpot)
  3. According to 59% of B2B marketers, SEO have the most influence on their lead generation goal. (MarketingCharts)
  4. Organic search generates 2X more leads compared to other channels. (Brightedge)
  5. When doing SEO audits, 70% of marketers prioritize all three SEO services (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO). (DataBox)
  6. 81.2% of respondents were asked which channel generates more quality leads than PPC. (DataBox)

Top SEO services for B2B

In this section, you will learn about the user preferences, top strategies and tactics utilized by B2B marketers to implement their SEO strategies. 


Local SEO Statistics for B2B

local seo optimization
  1. 97% of users are likely to find out about a local business online rather than anywhere else. (SEO Tribunal)
  2. In a mobile device, 88% of local business searches result in a call or visit within 24 hours. (Nectafy)
  3. If a local business has a mobile-friendly website, 61% of mobile searchers are more inclined to get in touch with them. (HubSpot Marketing Statistics)
  4. 91% of SEOs focus on a SERP feature strategy. The top three tactics are optimizing Google Business profile (23.9%), local packs (24.7%), and featured snippets (25.6%). (MOZ)
  5. Around 86% use Google Maps to find a business's physical location. (Pat Ahern)

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B2B Content Marketing Statistics

SEO experts working on content optimization
  1. 82% of users want a brand that matches their values. (Google Cloud)
  2. 90% of B2B marketers investing in the short-form video will maintain this strategy and experience a high ROI. (HubSpot Marketing Statistics)
  3. Sale is a primary metric that 60% of marketers consider to measure the success of their content marketing. (Hubspot State of Marketing)
  4. 82% of users prefer a company based on the content produced by them. (Demand Metric)
  5. B2B buyers read 3–7 website articles before contacting a salesperson. (Demand Gen Report)


Technical SEO 

Developers working on technical SEO
  1. Technical SEO drives a brand ROI by 117% (FirstPageSage)
  2. 59% of SEO experts say Technical optimization is the most effective SEO strategy. (NorthStarInbound)
  3. Brands lose over $2.6 billion in revenue each year due to slow-loading websites. (Invision)
  4. The design of a B2B website accounts for 75% of its credibility. (WebFX)
  5. Website conversion rates decline on average by 4.42% for every additional second it takes for the page to load. (Portent)
  6. 90% of B2B customers are likely to return to a website for purchases if the site is mobile-friendly. (B2B Digital Marketers)


B2B Link Building Statistics

How link building works
  1. According to 65% of B2B marketers, link building is the most challenging strategy of SEO. (SEO Tribunal)
  2. The best strategy for acquiring organic links is long-form content because it receives 77.2% more backlinks than short-form material.(Social Media Today)
  3. Influencer marketing is used by 1 in 4 marketers and has the second-highest ROI of any trend. (HubSpot Blog)
  4. "Nofollow" links are a component of link building strategies for 48% of marketers.(Aira)
  5. According to 53% of digital marketers, guest posting is the best link-building tactic.(SEMrush)
  6. 56.2% of B2B marketers state link quantity and quality have a significant impact on rankings.(Userp)

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Key Takeaways

In conclusion, many B2B marketers have invested in SEO and continue to believe in its power. So, it's time to set SMART goals and focus on all three SEO strategies to achieve effective results for your B2B.

Now you can equip your B2B Marketing SEO campaign with the best steps to rank higher on SERP by adopting these interesting industry marketing facts and data.

Get an insight on what you can do differently this year for your business.


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